Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awadi

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Hamdan Award for honoring distinguished personalities from the Arab World
Dr. Abdul Rahman AI Awadi is a well known figure in the history of Kuwait. After completing his studies in medicine he started his professional career as a Physician in the Ministry of Public Health Hospitals in Kuwait. He has become the Raporteur in the Planning Committee of the Ministry of Public Health; subsequently he became the Registrar of Medicine and Assistant Director of Preventive Services Department then the Director. In 1975 he has become the Minister of Public Health till 1987. In 1983 he has become the Minister of Planning with the additional position as a Minister of Public Health. He continued as a Minister of Planning till 1990 then he has become the Minster of State for Cabinet Affairs till 1991. 
He was the chairpersons of several executive committees for the council of Arab Ministers of Health, Environment Protection Council, and Marine Environment Protection council. He was the Secretary General of the Arab Centre for Medical Literature. He was the President of the Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences, Kuwait. 
Dr. AI Awadi promoted the activities of the ministers of health in the Arabian Gulf States in the area of protection of the environment.
His contributions has been divided into national & regional level and in the national level he took an active part in the development of the environment legislation, promoting research in the field and represented in the Environment Protection council. In the regional level, covered drafting of legislation, development of the manpower, provision of training and integrated work plans for protection of the environment and this was further developed in the context of Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. 
Dr. AI Awadi was the member of the World Health Organization Executive Board and also was the President of the WHO General Assembly. Also He was the member of the Regional Advisory Panel on the Impact of Drug Abuse of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office since 2002. His contribution towards development of public health in the region was numerous and was reftected in the Arab World. 
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