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Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services
"Proyecto Vision" is a Spanish volunteer organization created by a group of Ophthalmologists in 1994 and founded as an establishment in 1996 under the presidency of Dr. Julio de la Camara that provides ophthalmologic medical care to the population of Tigray region in Ethiopia. "Proyecto Vision" provides help in different ways.
First they send highly qualified medical teams composed of surgeons and nurses to treat the population in their own country where more than 900 cataract operations and other trachoma and strabismus surgical procedures are conducted every year. Initially, equipment and basic instruments are sent from Spain to the two small eye clinics in the area (St. Louis Eye Clinic and Quiha Hospital), but nowadays "Proyecto Vision" had equipped St. Louis Eye Clinic with operating theaters and sterilization center. Difficult cases, especially in children, are treated in Spain where they receive the appropriate medical care before they return to their home countries.
Second, "Proyecto Vision" has identify high incidence of trachoma in the Ethiopia and has established a "Trachoma eradication project" in collaboration with the Regional Health Bureau following the WHO's SAFE program.
The first stage of this program has already been completed in 2006 with the distribution of antibiotics, construction of wells and latrines, and raising the awareness of educators in the region.
Finally, "Proyecto Vision" has built a school-residence next to Quiha Hospital in 2007 where 10 students per year graduate with Ophthalmologic Medical Assistant degree. These graduates, after two years of experience, will be able to join the newly implemented master course on cataract surgeon. The beneficiaries of the project are the population suffering eye diseases which consists of 300,000 inhabitants and 100 local professionals. Proyecto Vision also started an awareness raising activities in 2006 and they have published a book called," Lives from the perspective of solidarity" which include a chapter of Proyecto Vision. In 2006 March, Proyecto Vision has started IX Tropical Ophthalmology Course in association with the teaching unit of the Hospital of University of Germans & Proyecto Vision. In continuation of the above project the Proyecto Vision has organized a presentation in the congress of the Ophthalmology in developing countries. Then a book was published called, An Ethiopian Look.
Proyecto Vision won several awards and prominent among is the Pfizer Prize to Commitment against blindness. The Proyecto Vision is a non-profit organization and having a membership of 600 people. It has branches in Lieida, Castilla and Andalucia. This organization is formed entirely by volunteers. Aim of this organization is to organize 5 -6 surgical fields to conduct 800 surgeries for cataracts with intraocular lens implant per annum, to train nurses specialized in ophthalmology, to collaborate in the ophthalmologic aid to Tigray, to work in the health centres of rural areas and to actively participate in the drive of eradication of trachoma in Tigray.
In view of the above humanitarian activities which the Organization Proyecto Vision extended to the people of Ethiopia, this organization is a worthy recipient of Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services, for the term 2007-2008.
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