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Dr. Ashok K. Gupta

International Awards

Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services
Personal Details/Academic Background
Dr. Ashok K. Gupta, popularly known as AKG, is a highly accomplished surgeon and teacher affiliated to few of the prestigious hospitals like Grant Medial College, Mumbai, Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Science and Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre.
Hailing from a family of bureaucrats and engineers from Haryana, Dr. Gupta pursued his medical degree, chasing his grandfather’s dream, who wanted to have at least one doctor in the family. After his medical and surgical education from Government Medical College in Nagpur, Dr. Gupta started exploring the then less known field -Micro vascular surgery -at Stoke Mandeville in United Kingdom. In 1981, he came back to India to establish the Centre for Microsurgery.
Dr. Gupta is the holder of many degrees and fellowships in the field of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Micro Surgery and Laser Surgery with more than 25 years of experience. He has augmented these degrees with specialized training in the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan.
He was awarded an honorary fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRSC Ed). To materialize his dream of social service, he began conducting free reconstructive surgeries for the underprivileged in the remote areas of India.
Despite many odds, he continued to help the poor in backward areas in the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan.
Professional Milestones
Dr. Gupta introduced new operative procedures that have been presented at various international scientific meetings and contributed to a number of scientific papers that have been presented and published in national and international scientific journals. He has vast experience working in the Micro-vascular and micro-neural surgery, Cranio-facial and facio-maxillary surgery, Reconstructive plastic surgery, Cancer reconstructive surgery, Aesthetic plastic surgery, Hand surgery and Burn treatment.
Making records in his own field has become a habit with him. He joined a completely severed hand after 30 hours on a 24-year-old boy. He performed a reconstructive surgery on a man whose middle part of the body was crushed for 40 hours. He has done corrective surgeries for victims of terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Kargil war heroes. He also performed a
surgery on a four day old child, whose legs were damaged by a wild beast in the forest. His professional services have been utilized by hospitals in different parts of the world, including the UAE.
He contributed and published a number of Scientific Papers and New Surgical Procedures in international journals and books.
Social and Community Services
Dr Ashok Gupta offers free surgery to the poor, primarily to the children. He also responded to the call on the nation and extended his highly specialized services to the victims of a number of natural and man-made calamities such as riots during the post Lok Sabha Election 1984, Babri Masjidrelated violent episodes in 1992, the infamous Serial Mumbai Bomb Blasts 1993, heroes of Kargil War, victims of Bhuj Earthquake, terrorist attack at Akshardham Temple at Gujarat, 2002, Serial Bomb Blasts in Mumbai 2003, Train Bomb Blasts in Mumbai 2006 and the Terrorists Attack in Mumbai in November 2008.
Dr. Ashok Gupta and his dedicated team of medical doctors in cooperation with HVP Mandal, Amravati, Maharashtra State, India (Premier Institute of physical Education and Sports in India) conduct several camps in rural and tribal areas for diagnostic and treatment purposes. He has done the services for the past 25 years in the form of free and reconstructive surgery for the poor and downtrodden in tribal and backward areas in Amravati District and reaching out to them with dedication to serve without any remuneration. He is a pioneer in starting plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery in free surgical camps where thousands of patients are examined and surgically treated. The patients are mainly from tribal areas where basic medical facilities and equipment are lacking.
Awards and Recognition
Dr. Ashok Gupta has brought laurels to his country on the scientific fronts as well, being the founder member of the International professional organizations like World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery, the American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation. He also holds Executive Offices at the World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery.
He is also featured in the Book on “History of Microsurgery”.
He had also represented India for eight years as the National Secretary for India at the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. A. K. Gupta is a recipient of Padma Shri award. Padma Shri is an award given by the Government of India generally to Indian citizens to recognize their distinguished contribution in various spheres of activity including the Arts, Education, Industry, Literature, Science, Sports, Social Service and public life. It stands fourth in the hierarchy of civilian awards after the Bharat Ratna, the Padma Vibhushan and the Padma Bhushan.
Dr. Ashok Gupta deserves the Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services in recognition of his social services in India and his contributions to the voluntary work in the field of reconstructive Surgery