Dr. Joseph Muscat Baron

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
Born in 1934, Dr. Muscat - Baron is a British national who holds a degree in pharmacy. He studied in Saint Luke University, Malta. In 1960 he migrated to the UK where he studied and then worked in the health services for a total of 17 years.
He came to the UAE in 1977 and became Head of General Medicine at Rashid Hospital and Dubai Hospital. He established this department from scratch and now includes the main specialties of cardiology, pulmonology, and gastroenterology.
Dr. Baron was appointed Head of the Pharmaceutical Committee because of his immense experience in the field and has been in charge of this committee for over twenty years.
One of the main successes of this committee is the publication of the first Pharmaceutical Reference Book in the region.
He was at the forefront of the establishment of the Dubai Women's Medical College in 1988. Dr. Baron is a Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology.
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