Late Sultan bin Ali Al Owais

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
The Poet - littérateur was born in the emirate of Sharjah in the year 1925 to a family of famous pearl traders and was well known for his love of poetry and literature. His business deals provided him with opportunities to travel and reside in many countries of the world - he visited all countries of the Arabian Gulf and lived in them as he did for various periods in India, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. He not only became a rich man but also benefited from his travels in acquiring knowledge, education and wisdom. He accumulated a lot of wealth, but did not use it for personal fame but for the service of his country and the Arab people.
He spent generously on his humanitarian and charitable projects and worked without reservation towards the revival of educational and cultural movements. He gained world- wide recognition for his contributions when he established and financed the largest cultural award, which bears his name, in the Arab World, when he announced the formation of the Al Owais Award for educational and scientific achievement on 17th of December 1978. In 1992, it progressed to form an independent cultural institution and gained appreciation of all in the Arab World, suffice it to say that it has completed its 9th year in existence.
His attraction towards charitable work started very early on, before his business expanded and his wealth increased. When he lived in India his house was known to be a haven and home to people coming from his country to India for treatment. He was very caring, and spent of his own money in order to ensure their treatment, making him the ideal ambassador for his countrymen in India.
He traveled widely and learnt, from experiences he gained during his travels, about the latest equipments and methods of treatment, which were not available to patients in his country. When he felt the pain and sufferings of those who could not afford to travel abroad for treatment, he did not hesitate to help, and many benefited from his generosity.
His donations did not stop with the establishments of hospitals and health care institutions in the country, but he continued to work for the comfort of patients and to participate the building of the social fabric through support of institutions, social programmes, hospitals, health care facilities and public utilities. Examples of his generosity are the donation of 13 million Dirhams towards the building of Sharjah hospitals and the establishment of the Al Baraha Hospital, which cost 30 million Dirhams, at his personal expense.
Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais was a great man, a humanist and a symbol for charity and generosity. He is an example and an ideal to follow to achieve the lofty goals of the country. He gave of his wealth, his mind and continued his efforts to nurture, inventions and inventors. The Sheikh Hamdan Award is given to eminent people deserving recognition - Sultan Al Owais is a prime example of deserving winners of the award.
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