Hamdan Award for an Outstanding Clinical Department in the Public Sector in UAE

This Award is for an outstanding clinical department in the public sector, which has provided exemplary medical services/care to the people of the United Arab Emirates.

The prize amount is AED Seven hundred thousand (AED 700,000) to be awarded equally to two departments.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Only the clinical departments of hospitals or medical centres in the public sector shall have provided five years or more of service to healthcare delivery in the UAE are eligible to nominate for this award.
  • All public sector hospitals & medical centres can nominate a maximum of two departments
  • The nomination should indicate how the Award will be disbursed by the winning nominee
  • The Executive Office of the Award reserves the right to grant the award to more than one person in the appropriate category and also reserves the right to change or alter any conditions without stating any reasons.
  • The nomination will not be accepted if it does not meet all the conditions.
  • The nomination file must fulfil the following
    1. Nominee name
    2. Nominating body
    3. Nomination letter: A letter of recommendation/ nomination from the hospital director is necessary, to support the nomination. Describe how the department is outstanding and has made a significant contribution to healthcare in the United Arab Emirates
    4. Justification: Evidence showing the department role in the delivery of healthcare services to the public.
    5. Awards & recognitions if any: Previous awards, honours or recognition received (name, nature, source, and dates of each award).
    6. The department Profile: A detailed profile of the department، which includes the details of staff and name of the head of the department, who has provided outstanding leadership in clinical care and medical sciences consistent with the mission of the institution/hospital. Information is sought regarding the number of patients, services provided, achievements, coordination and collaboration with other departments and public/patient relations. Evidence to substantiate that the nominated department is outstanding is essential. Detailed review of significant research carried out by members of staff of the department, with accompanying documented evidence (list of significant presentations, published papers).
    7. The nomination should indicate how the award money would be dispersed by the winning nominee.
    8. High definition logo of the organization.
    9. Photos related to the organization, and the department
    10. A write up: Nominee’s profile should not be less than 1500 words and not exceeding 2000 words.
  • The winner(s) shall be announced in a Press conference to be held in Dubai. The Award shall be presented to the department's head in an official ceremony also to be held in Dubai
  • The Award shall consist of:
    1. A trophy in the successful department's name.
    2. A certificate in the successful department's name
    3. A certificate in the name of the department’s head
    4. A total of AED three hundred fifty thousand (AED 350, 000).

The deadline for submissions: 31st December 2021.

For submission (closed): https://hmaward.awardsplatform.com/