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Under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashd Al Maktoum Award for ‎Medical Sciences‏ ‏ Dubai hosts the 18th Emirates Critical Care Conference 10 May 2022
Under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashd Al ‎Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, on the 13th of May, Dubai will host the ‎‎18th Emirates Critical Care Conference.
The conference, taking place in Dubai ‎Festival City, will feature the participation of 1500 medical professionals and ‎nurses in addition to the contribution of 48 virtual lecturers from 31 countries ‎around the world.
The conference will discuss the latest techniques used in ‎artificial respiration that were extracted from the "Covid-19" pandemic and its ‎relationship to intensive and critical care medicine.‎
Dr. Hussain Al Rahma, Chairperson of the conference (ECCC-Dubai), President ‎of the International Pan-Arab Critical Care Medicine Society (IPACCMS), Board ‎member of Emirates Resuscitation Council & Director of Emergency and ‎Critical Care in Al Zahra Hospital – Dubai stated that the event aims to bring ‎together regional and international doctors, specialists and researchers with ‎expertise in the field of critical care medicine exchange experiences, discuss ‎the latest advanced technologies and keep pace with applicable innovations ‎and research globally.‎
He pointed out that the conference includes 291 scientific research papers, ‎including 183 in attendance and 48 virtual, aimed to extract distinguished ‎lessons from the "Covid-19" pandemic and its relationship to intensive and ‎critical care medicine, presenting treatment methods and new medical drugs, ‎scientific sector support, scientific research, creativity and innovation, in ‎addition to organizing a number of workshops. ‎
He added that the conference, in collaboration with the 4th Emirates Nursing ‎Association – Critical Care Nurses (ENA-CCN), enjoys the support and ‎participation of the 17th International Pan Arab Critical Care Medicine Society ‎‎(IPACCMS), the 13th Asia Africa Conference of the world federation of ‎Intensive Critical Care (WFICC), The 4th Global Network on Emergency ‎Medicine – GNEM, and The 3rd Regional Neurocritical Care Meeting in the ‎Middle East / Africa, in partnership with the Neurological Care Society Critical ‎‎"NCS" and event organizers "InfoPlus Events". ‎
For his part, His Excellency Abdullah bin Sougat, Executive Director of the ‎Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, said that the ‎award follows the path of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ‎‎“may God rest his soul,” in supporting continuing medical education and ‎serious medical conferences, especially those that benefit the local doctors in ‎particular and doctors in the Arab region in general
He emphasized on the importance of the conference, especially since the ‎scientific papers that will be discussed are a summary of the experiences and ‎research reached by critical care doctors to share with the audience and ‎exchange experiences, best practices and treatment protocols that they have ‎reached since the outbreak of the pandemic. ‎
Bin Sougat highlighted that the award will continue to work to achieve the ‎goals and aspirations set by the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid since its launch ‎in 1999, and will continue to support medical conferences and the medical ‎education process, which is essential for providing doctors and specialists with ‎scientific and practical expertise, and developing and enhancing their ‎capabilities to serve patients.‎
His Excellency also extended his appreciation and gratitude to all health ‎workers in the United Arab Emirates for their efforts in providing ‎distinguished medical services, on the occasion of the UAE Medical Day, which ‎was celebrated by all national medical bodies and institutions on May 9.‎
The conference will be attended by 36 international companies specialized in ‎critical care devices and respirators.‎