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ESMC Features the Latest Sports Medicine Technology 13 May 2023
Under the patronage of His Highness Sheik Mansoor bin ‎Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Sports Council, The Emirates Sports ‎Medicine Conference (ESMC) launched today its first edition at the Mohammed Bin Rashid ‎University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in Dubai, UAE, with the participation of ‎more than 500 speakers and visitors from the UAE and different countries around the world.‎
The opening ceremony of ESMC was attended by Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad bin Saif Al ‎Sharqi, President of the Emirates Federation, Vice President of the Asian Federation of ‎Bodybuilding, H.E. Mohammed Fadel Al Hameli, Chairman of the UAE National Paralympics ‎Committee,  H.E. Abdulla Bin Souqat, Executive Director at Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al ‎Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, Ali Omar Al Balooshi, Director of the Sports ‎Development Department at Dubai Sports Council, Dr. Mariam Al Matrooshi, President of the ‎Dubai Police Athletes Council and a member of the conference's organizing committee as ‎well as staff members of sports federations, universities, and medical facilities from the UAE ‎and around the world.‎
Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Sharqi was present at the conference's main session. He also ‎explored the accompanying exhibition, observing the most recent medical innovations in the ‎field. Dr. Abdullah Al Rahoomi, President of ESRSM and the Conference, explained the most ‎significant exhibits, the role of contemporary technology, and the use of these medical ‎devices and cutting-edge products in recovering injured athletes and developing their ‎physical makeup and qualification for the best performance.‎
Seven sessions and two workshops were held on the first day; each session featured several ‎talks and working papers. Doctors and professors from worldwide universities and the UAE ‎participated in those sessions, covering significant sports facets. Football medicine was the ‎topic of the first session, elite athlete performance was the subject of the second, shoulder ‎injuries and the development of muscles were the topic of the third, and elbow mobility and ‎injuries were the subject of the fourth. Six sessions covering the movement, the muscles, the ‎injuries, and the most effective ways to identify and treat injuries are also part of Sunday’s ‎second-day’s discussions.‎
H.E. Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Hussain, Secretary General of the General Authority of Sports, ‎said:” The General Authority of Sports is eager to collaborate and team up with its partners ‎to advance all facets of sports activity in the UAE, strengthening its regional and ‎international position in this industry in line with the vision of our wise leadership. The ‎Authority's involvement in ESMC as a strategic partner to support the Conference reflects ‎its interest in sports medicine as one of the cornerstones of the growth of the sports ‎industry. The conference will advance the field of sports medicine, encourage everyone in ‎society to get active, and raise athletes' knowledge of their health, in line with the UAE’s ‎initiatives and goals to improve well-being and safety in the sports industry through injury ‎prevention and medical research.‎
H.E. Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, said: "The support of His ‎Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the ESMC, ‎confirms the support and care of the sports medicine sector in the UAE, and it plays a crucial ‎role in fostering the development of performance, sustaining players' high levels of ‎performance, ensuring that they continue to perform at their best for as long as possible, ‎and ensuring that, in the event of an injury, they can quickly return to the field of play."‎
He continued: "The conference makes a national product the UAE provides to this crucial ‎sector worldwide. It is a platform that brings together elite speakers from different sports ‎medicine and rehabilitation disciplines from the UAE and several other countries with ‎prosperous experiences. It attracts companies specializing in sports medicine and athlete ‎rehabilitation industries. It sheds light on sports medicine and the most effective methods ‎applicable to athletes worldwide.”‎
He concluded: "We wish our national staff working in the UAE to benefit from the two-day ‎conference sessions and meet with their specialized peers from various universities, medical ‎centers, and international hospitals and build bilateral cooperation relations that contribute ‎to the achievement of the conference's goals and the desired development of the sports ‎sector as well as the best use of human resources and allow them to give as long as possible ‎while maintaining a high level of physical performance.”‎
Dr. Mariam Al Matrooshi, President of the Dubai Police Athletes Council and a member of the ‎conference's organising committee, said: ‎
The Dubai Police Athletes Council will participate in the "Sports Convoy Initiative," which ‎intends to conduct the initial research and study on UAE sports in the future. It is the first ‎social sports research to seriously consider sports medicine in the Middle East, the Arab ‎world, and the UAE.‎
Al Matrooshi stated that the conference's first edition would cover many crucial topics in ‎sports medicine, such as the use of genetic testing to predict an athlete's future, ‎regenerative stem cell therapies, and artificial intelligence in sports medicine, as well as the ‎significance of sports performance evaluations in raising the level of athletes‏.‏
Dr. Abdullah Al Rahoomi, President of ESRSM and the Conference, said: "Through ‎cooperation and knowledge exchange, we can help shape the future of sports medicine and ‎positively influence athletes' lives and society at large.‎‏"‏
ESMC is organized by the Emirates Society of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine and the ‎Dubai Police Athletes Council, supported by the Emirates Clinical Nutrition Society. The ‎conference secretariat is INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Org. LLC – a member of INDEX ‎Holding.‎