Hamdan Medical Award and Dubai`s Department of Economy ‎and Tourism Renew MoU to Enhance Joint Cooperation, Build Strategic Partnerships and ‎Attract International Conferences 11 January 2023
The Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum ‎Award for Medical Sciences and Dubai`s Department of Economy ‎and Tourism have renewed their previously signed Memorandum of ‎Understanding (MoU). The Memorandum aims to enhance ‎cooperation between the entities, and to build effective strategic ‎partnerships to unify efforts to develop, attract and organize ‎international conferences and meetings in Dubai. The co-operation is ‎expected to provide a positive impact on economic, social, and ‎scientific development, as well as emphasize the position of Dubai as ‎a leading center for hosting major international events.‎
Under this MoU, an annual work plan will be drawn up to set goals ‎and define cooperation activities between the two parties, as well as ‎working to enhance continuous communication between them to ‎discuss opportunities to host and attract conferences to Dubai.‎
His Excellency Abdullah bin Souqat, Executive Director of the Sheikh ‎Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award, welcomed the renewal of ‎the MOU with the Department of Economy and Tourism, which aims ‎to continue constructive and fruitful cooperation in the field of ‎organizing and attracting medical conferences to Dubai.‎
H.E said, "The cooperation with the Department of Economy and ‎Tourism in Dubai has reached the stage of integration and strategic ‎partnership through the renewal of the Memorandum of ‎Understanding, which confirms the continuation of close cooperation ‎between the two parties in order to achieve the development goals ‎that we all aspire to."‎
Speaking on the continuation of collaboration between the two ‎entities, Mr. Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail ‎Establishment, said, “This renewed Memorandum of Understanding ‎underlines our commitment to working with the Sheikh Hamdan bin ‎Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences to attract ‎conferences and meetings that can drive economic, social and scientific ‎benefits. Our collaborative approach with our partners ensures we are ‎able to elevate Dubai on a global stage and engage with ‎decisionmakers within international medical associations in an ‎impactful manner. We look forward to achieving our combined goals ‎over the coming years to build on our fruitful partnership.”‎
It is worth noting that the Award had previously signed a MoU in ‎‎2019 based on the directives of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al ‎Maktoum - may God have mercy on him, to strengthen ways of ‎cooperation with national institutions concerned with making Dubai a ‎tourist destination for all international medical conferences, which in ‎turn works to exchange scientific expertise and promote scientific ‎research and the health sector in the country.‎