‎2nd Mena-Myo teaching course in myology to take place in Dubai in ‎October 01 August 2022
Under the patronage of the Sheikh Hamdan Bin ‎Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, and in cooperation with ‎the Institute of Myology, the Centre for Arab Genomic Studies is ‎organising the second edition of MENA-MYO, a practical training course ‎specialised in myology, from October 1 to 3, 2022.‎
The Mena-Myo teaching course is a smaller version of the summer ‎school of Myology conducted annually by the Institute of Myology in ‎Paris, the course is geared towards physicians or scientists, preferably ‎junior doctors (residents) or PhD students, involved notably in adult and ‎child neuromyology.‎
The main objective of the course is to raise awareness among specialists ‎in the region about rare and complex cases in this specialisation, discuss ‎diagnostic and therapeutic cases about rare disorders, suxg as muscular ‎dystrophies and muscular atrophies and also increase the skills of ‎workers in terms of diagnosis, standards of care and nursing
Dr. Mahmoud taleb Al Ali, Director of CAGS said, " The 2nd MENA-MYO ‎program will continue from its previous edition, and will provide the ‎latest updates on basic myology, muscular dystrophies, hereditary ‎neuropathies, metabolic myopathies, myasthenic syndromes, genetic ‎counselling, and novel therapies"‎
‎" CAGS has achieved many ambitious achievements that have ‎contributed to raising awareness of genetic disorders, identifying the ‎genes that cause these disorders, and developing a database on genetic ‎diseases affiliated with the Centre. The Centre continues to achieve the ‎vision of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum by ensuring ‎meaningful cooperation with institutions and bodies concerned with the ‎development of scientific research and the health sector inside and ‎outside the country", he added.‎
The course coordinators for this course include Prof. Andoni Urtizberea ‎and Prof. Yann Pereon from France and Prof. Andre Megarbane from ‎Lebanon. The faculty is supported by important scientists and specialists ‎in the field of human genetics and neuroscience, such as Dr. Tariq ‎Ibrahim Al-Azabi, Dr. Firas Al-Rawi, Dr. Fatima Al-Jasmi from the United ‎Arab Emirates, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Saleh from Sudan, and Dr. Mariam Al-‎Shehhi from Oman. Those wishing to participate can register through ‎the official website of the event at www.pahgc.com/menamyo/‎