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The Scientific Committee has its members Chairmen of several subcommittees, each subcommittee responsible for one category of award. The subcommittees receive nominations, study them and prepare short lists of possible winners. These then are sent to International referees who rank them using a standardised process of evaluation. The subcommittees present their list to the Scientific Committee which has to decide on the final winners of each award. The Chairman of the Scientific Committee presents a report to the General Secretariat which then approves.

2Prof. Yousef Abdulrazzaq - Chairman


Prof.-Sherif-KaramDr. Salim Bastaki 7Dr Salah Gariballa
Prof.-Sehamuddin-GaladariProf. Sehamuddin Galadari Prof.-Omer-El-AgnafProf. Frank Christopher Howarth
Prof. Frank BranickiProf. Frank Branicki Prof.-Omer-El-AgnafDr. Saad Ghazal Aswad


Grand Hamdan International Award - Scientific Committee

Prof. Sherif Karam - Chairman
Professor Yousef Abdulrazzaq
Dr. Hassib Narchi
Dr. Aiman Al Rahmani

Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence - Scientific Committee

Dr. Hassib Narchi - Chairman

Fetal Medicine
Dr. Hisham Mirghani
Dr. Gharid Bekdache

Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Dr. Fatma Al Jasmi
Dr. Fatma Bastaki
Dr. Joseph Hertecant

Nutrition in Infants
Prof. Yousef Abdulrazzaq
Dr. Fares Chedid
Dr. Alaa Eldemerdash

Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services - Scientific Committee

Dr. Salim Bastaki - Chairman
Professor Michelle McLean
Dr. Maria Cabezudo
Dr. Samir Attoub
Dr. Gulfaraz Khan

Hamdan Award for Medical College/ Institue/ Center in the Arab World - Scientific Committee

Dr. Saad Ghazal Aswad - Chairman
Prof. Abdu Adem
Dr. Fawaz Torab
Dr. Shamsa Al Awar
Dr. Juma Al Kaabi
Dr. Fatima Al Maski
Dr. Leena Amiri

Hamdan Award for Outstanding Clinical Department in the Public Sector in UAE - Scientific Committee

Prof. Frank Branicki - Chairman
Dr. Mouza Al Sharhan
Dr. Hatem Ahmed Abou El Abbas Ghonim

Hamdan Award for Original Research Paper Published in Hamdan Medical Journal - Scientific Committee

Prof. Omer El Agnaf - Chairman
Professor Christopher Howarth
Dr. Ossama Osman
Professor Abdul-kader Souid

Hamdan Award to Support Medical Research in the UAE - Scientific Committee

Prof. Sehamuddin Galadari - Chairman
Prof. Yousef Abdulrazzaq
Prof. Ernest Adeghate
Dr. Syed Mahboob Shah
Dr. Ghazi Tadmouri

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