Late Dr. Mohamed Habib AlRedha

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
Dr. Redha was one of the oldest and most respected doctors in the UAE, and was an inspiration to many up and coming doctors in the country. 
He practiced as a doctor in the UAE for over half a century, from 1930 to 1982. He was loved and respected by all who had known him, especially those people who were his patients. 
It was Sheikh Saeed bin AI Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, who gave Dr.Redha permission to open the first health clinic in 1939.
Dr. Redha was the son of a doctor, and studied and practiced in India a long time ago. Dr. Redha believed that being a doctor was inevitable for him.
In the same vein, today Dr. Redha's two sons are also respected doctors in the country. His son Hussein AI Redha is a consultant for orthopedic surgery and head of emergency section in Rashid Hospital, Dubai. His Second son is Dr.Abdel Nabi Redha who is Director of Rashid Hospital. 
Dr. Redha studied and practiced in Iran before he started his practice in Dubai, where he worked for the last five decades.
Dr. Redha was very successful, because he was aware of the social environment and he knew the kind of health problems his people suffered from. The main problems during those days were small pox, measles, dysentery and malaria.
Dr. Redha used to work in an environment where there was hardly any development. He worked with simple tools and medicines; there were no trained staff to help him, no nurses, and no proper medical equipment. Also Dr. Redha dealt with people who were not very educated at that time. Many people still practiced herbal and local remedies, and some still believed that witchcraft could solve health problems. 
According to Dr.Redha the early days were very interesting days, and there were many challenges. Today Dr. Redha is an established name who was a loved and respected doctor. His contribution to the medical services has been immense.


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