Fareed Abdulla Saleh Al Gurq

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
Born in Dubai in 1945, Fareed Al-Gurq was the first UAE national to head for Britain following the establishment of the union state, having received a grant from H.H. the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al-Maktoum, then Ruler of Dubai.
 While studying in Britain, he worked at a hospital until 1977 when he gained a certificate qualifying him as a medical lab specialist. He then returned home armed with practical and scientific experiences. Huge tasks were awaiting him however, as immediately upon his return he was appointed supervisor of the Al-Maktoum Hospital Medical Laboratories. He soon embarked upon the modernization of this laboratory, turning it Into an up-to-date one possessing the latest equipment, thus enabling it, in a record time, to successfully undertake its mission. He was later shifted to Rashid Hospital to establish a new medical laboratory there.
His quest for knowledge and fresh experiences made Mr. Fareed Al-Gurq shuttling between Dubai and London until 1983 when he gained an advanced degree from Bristol University in medical laboratory sciences specializing in blood diseases.
Less than a year earlier, he was appointed as supervisor of the medical laboratories at the newly established Dubai Hospital (1982).
It was at this stage of his career that he started to establish the largest medical laboratory of the Dubai Health and Medical Services Department. While supervising these, he also acted as the laboratory doctor. He exerted tremendous efforts to supply the laboratory with the latest and most advanced equipment needed for conducting all sorts of laboratory investigation. Throughout his long career, Mr. Fareed has trained scores of technicians and other cadres, thus helping them acquire more knowledge and fresh experience, as well as promote their skills.
Formerly, certain laboratory investigations used to be sent abroad with resulting delay in obtaining results, a matter which could pose certain dangers for patients requiring quick treatment (such as diabetics), let alone the financial burden incurred by the state. With the establishment of modern laboratories however all sorts of investigations became available and at reasonable costs Much time, effort and money have thus been saved, and the treatment of certain diseases (such as tuberculosis and syphilis) has been expedited.
In addition to the difficult conditions he had worked under, lack of technicians had made him undertake the maintainence of equipment by himself. Mr. Fareed has played a prominent part in the development of lab investigation techniques in the UAE. He has devised a method for investigating leukemia using half the quantity of solution to obtain the same results. A certain company has adopted that method and later commercialised it. Mr. Fareed is a founding member of the Emirates Medical Association. 
He is also member of the academic supervision committee of the Girls' College in Sharjah. He has several published research papers and articles, and has attended numerous local and international conferences. In recognition of these achievements, Mr. Fareed Al-Gurq deserves the Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals working in the field of Medicine and Health.
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