Dr. Zainab Abdulla Kazim

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
In Dubai she was born in 1935, and to Dubai she had returned in 1964 as the first national woman doctor. Keen on her education, the father had accompanied the entire family to India so that they may receive good education there. In 1955, Zeinab graduated from the high school in Bombay, and two years later she successfully completed the premedfcal program. In 1963, she graduated from Grant Medical College in Bombay. After a one-year internship there, she returned to here homeland.
The year 1964 witnessed her rebirth, this time as the first ever national woman doctor. She was appointed at the Kuwait Hospital to meet women's medical needs, and continued to discharge her duties there until 1969 when, believing that she could render better and greater services to women, she established her own special clinic.
From 1969 to date, Dr. Zeinab Kazim has supervised more than 12,000 deliveries including many at her own home, and the homes of women, and even in cars and tents in the heart of the desert.
Throughout her eventful career, she has handled a significant number of rare deliveries including Siamese Twins, breech presentation, and cases requiring surgery at a time surgical tools were hardly available.
Dr. Zeinab Kazim had thus offered medical treatment and health care to women in this country, nationals and otherwise, to the extent that she had had no vacation for years running in order not to interrupt her services.
She has participated in numerous specialized conferences, and has also enjoyed a powerful presence in the Emirates society. As the first national woman doctor in the UAE, she has established friendship with all the families she had dealt with as a doctor, and has witnessed the birth of three successive generations in individual families.
For all these considerations, Dr Zeinab Kazim deserves the Hamdan Award for flouring individuals working in the field of medicine and health.
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