Faculty of Medicine, Uninversity of Gezira, Sudan

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Hamdan Award for the Best Medical College/Institute or Centre in the Arab World
The Faculty of Medicine, University of Gezira was established in 1975. It is situated in Wad Medani, the Capital of Gezira State. Though the Faculty of Medicine was established in 1975 the first batch of students was enrolled in 1978 and it is the second oldest medical college in Sudan.
Now there are 26 schools. It is the first school adopting the community-oriented, community based and problem-solving strategies in the country and is a pioneer in this innovative type of education all over the globe. There has been close collaboration between World Health Organization and the Medical School since its inception. The medical school is a main participant in the Blue Nile Research and Training Institute. The school has an Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Biology and Oncology. It has primary health care and health education centre too.
The school has an annual intake of 250 students and has a fair selection system based on merit. At any given time the medical school has over 1000 students on its roll. The school  plays two key roles in the community: to train high quality physicians and provide health care to the community.
FMUG makes a remarkable contribution to the health care delivery in the country through a clearly defined and stated partnership with the Ministry of Health. The  faculty and students are actively involved in providing services to remote rural areas.
One of the objectives of the FMUG is "to solve health problems through community orientation and problem based philosophy and to play a role in prevention and treatment".
The medical school commenced offering postgraduate training and degrees in 1985. So far 282 students have obtained their postgraduate degrees from FMUG and around 100  students are registered. Eighteen batches of students have Graduated so far and the total numbers of graduates are 1482.
FMUG is a founding member of 'The network - partnership for health throuqh innovative education, service and research". The school acts as the WHO collaborating centre for  education. FMUG boasts a long list of published and unpublished papers.
Its students have occupied key positions both at home and abroad from Minister of Health to heads of departments in different academic and health care institutions.
The success of the Faculty of Medicine has made it a worthy recipient of the Hamdan Award for Medical College/Institute or Centre in the Arab World.
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