Dr. Ghassan Bin Mohammed Shahroor

International Awards

Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services
Palestinian by nationality, Lebanese by birth, and Syrian by residence, Dr.Ghassan Bin Mohamed Shahroor had graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Damascus University in 1979. Four years later he became a specialist in head, neck and ear medicine and surgery.
He held several governmental positions for six years, and then moved to the private medical sector.
As an expatriate, he made of this painful experience an incentive to accomplish something for his original homeland: Palestine. Together with some comrades he established the Palestinian Handicapped Authority early in 1988, and has been its chairman ever since.
The Authority serves hundreds of handicapped Palestinian refugees, especially students, providing them with the necessary rehabilitation tools so that they may easily merge with society. The authority also organizes awareness  involving parents and families of the handicapped, providing training for these in how to successfully deal with their handicapped children.
Dr. Shahroor has extensive experience in the organization of courses in the early detection of child handicaps. In addition, he contributed to the organization of an equally humanitarian programme for the welfare of geriatrics, numbering hundreds.
Dr. Shahroor has a particular mission through which he attempts to disseminate correct information to all classes of society. He has published hundreds of articles in medical journals and newspapers. These have contributed to the promotion of readers' awareness of prevention of and coping with handicaps.
Dr. Shahroor has presided over scores of local, Arab and international committees and was chosen as member of many others. He has also attended numerous scientific and medical conferences in which he presented papers and studies. He is the author of many books and other publications, some of which deal with blind-deaf individuals, shedding adequate light on this serious dual handicap and on the means of prevention. He also stressed the need for the establishment of specialized Arab Centers to deal with such a handicap plaguing both society and individuals His works include " Guide to Geriatrics' Hearing Impairment".
His volunteering drive also includes participation in the world drive against anti-personnel mines, and he has published a study on the problem of mines in the Arab World, in which he dealt with legal rights of victims and the impact of the problem on development in the Arab World.
Volunteering action has thus become an integral part of his personal culture, and a cornerstone in his professional life. He has earned several Arab and International Awards.
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