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Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services
Early in 1997, the Al Maktoum Charity Foundation launched its humanitarian move through the cultural center that had been established in Dublin, Ireland.
This was the nucleus for the charity drive begun by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and has later extended to more than sixty countries around the world. Two years later, the Foundation shifted its headquarters to Dubai, ushering in an even stronger drive from within the United Arab Emirates.
In conjunction with other charity organizations in the UAE and abroad, the Al Maktoum Foundation has contributed to the relief of victims of wars, famines and other natural disasters. Good hands have thus reached to all those who needed it in all countries.
The Foundation was primarily interested in the building of mosques in several countries, as well as the establishment of multipurpose cultural and educational centers from which thousands of students may benefit.
The Foundation, thus, has contributed to the relief campaigns organized in the countries affected by war, epidemic and natural calamities, like Palestine, Afghanistan, Turkey, Kosovo and other parts of the world. Its role was not limited to such contributions; it also included participation in the establishment of medical centers throughout the Arab World starting with the United Arab Emirates itself.
 It established a series of rehabilitation centers (for individuals with special needs) in Dubai. It also support several medical societies with a special mission such as Thalassemia Societies and handicapped societies etc.
The Foundation, meanwhile, has contributed to the establishment of medical and therapeutic centers in Palestine, Jordan, Afghanistan and other countries, supplying them with the necessary equipment to ensure their effective and continual functioning.
Al Razi Center in Palestine was the first such center to receive aid from the Foundation. Moreover, the Foundation has donated Dhs. 20, 000,000 in medical assistance within the context of a campaign to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. Likewise, Al Amal Center for the Treatment of Cancer in Jordan has received considerable financial support due to the preventive services aimed at early detection of cancer, treatment thereof, post-treatment care and continual observation of patients using the most up-to-date means to ensure non-recurrence of the disease.
The foundation has also extended financial assistance to medical students in many countries. It also financed the creation of a complete ward at the Maternity Hospital in Afghanistan, which was lacking the necessary medical services. Additionally, the Al Maktoum Foundation has sponsored hundreds of pupils and has contributed significantly to the educational process, in addition to sponsoring parentless children, providing food, clothes and medicines to the needy.
For all such considerations, the Al Maktoum Foundation deserves this year's Hamdan Award for Volunteers in Humanitarian Medical Services.
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