Department of Cardiac Surgery - Al Mafraq Hospital, AbuDhabi

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Hamdan Award for an Outstanding Clinical Department in the Public Sector in UAE


Department of Cardiac Surgery - Al Mafraq Hospital, AbuDhabi
Hamdan Award for an Outstanding Clinical Department in the Public Sector in UAE




Al Mafraq Hospital- the Cardiac Surgery Department was established in the year 1985. Initially we were able to do less than hundred cases per year till 1990. Slowly, the number increased and reached the present level of 300-320 open heart surgical procedures per year, in spite of having a single operation theatre and only six cardiac surgery intensive care unit beds.
All cardiac surgical procedures except cardiac transplantation and robotic cardiac surgery are being carried out with excellent results.

This is the only Unit in the United Arab Emirates doing neonatal cardiac surgery. Patients from the neighboring Middle East countries are also being operated here. More and more UAE Nationals opt to have cardiac surgery at Mafraq Hospital. Hence, the trend in sending UAE Nationals for cardiac surgery abroad is coming down.
The facilities given to the UAE National as well as expatriate patients in the Department are of international standards, appreciated by the visiting cardiac surgeons from reputed centers in USA, UK, Australia and other countries.

Patients who need cardiac surgery services are directed through the Cardiology Department at Mafraq Hospital.

Co-ordination with all hospitals in UAE for this purpose is streamlined among the referring doctors, cardiac surgeons and cardiac surgery intensive care unit staff. Patients are assessed and mentally prepared for cardiac surgery during their visits to the pre-operative clinic. The patient and his/her family member sign an informed consent, prepared for the Department, after a detailed discussion and answering all questions related to surgery.

A strict visitor policy is followed in the unit. At the time of discharge detailed discussion is encouraged. Patients are also advised to contact the cardiac surgeon on duty in intensive care unit for any queries related to surgery at any time. Strict postoperative follow-up is also advised. Preventive measures with risk factor reducing life style in coronary artery disease and genetic counseling and rehabilitation especially in pediatric cases are also encouraged.
Since 1998. the department has published fifteen clinical and research papers in various international journals. The Unit is rated as one of the best in terms the facilities available and the surgical results by all international standards. Annual reports for the Department for the years 1997-2002 indicate that increasing number of patients, including Emirati nationals are being treated by the Department. The standing of the Unit has grown over the years and perhaps, one of the testimonies to the reputation of the Unit is that Prof. Gerald Brom, who was operated in this department, is one of many former members of the Unit who chose to have their own cardiac bypass procedures performed in the Unit - this really is trusting in your colleagues' abilities and the care available in the ICU during recovery.

The Department serves all cardiac surgical patients of UAE Nationality and to expatriate patients, free of costs. In view of the excellent work and the results produced, the General Authority of Health Services appreciated the Department by giving an "Award of Excellence" to the Head of the Department in the year 2003.
In view of the role played by the Cardiac Surgery Department at Al Mafraq Hospital, and the excellent services it renders to patients; and the excellent service to UAE society, it deserves the Hamdan Award for an outstanding clinical department in the public sector in the UAE for the year 2003-2004.


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