Dr. Hussein Mohamed Habib AlRedha

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
Born in 1935, Dr. Hussain Mohamed Habib Al Redha received his primary education in Karachi, Pakistan; and his secondary education in Beirut. In 1957 he moved to Germany to study medicine, devoting the whole of his first year there to the study of languages. He studied medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Munich University and in 1966 he obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery. In 1969 he obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Yubenkin. Subsequently he started a long journey of specialization in general surgery. He worked at Paul Hospital in Germany ultimately becoming head of the surgery department therein.
In 1974, following a long journey of learning, and an outstanding early experience, he returned to his home town, Dubai, starting yet another long journey of contribution to the building of the homeland, utilizing the stock of knowledge and experience acquired in earlier years. He worked at the Rashid Hospital. As medical practice was relatively novel at that time, and as the country needed a specialist in the treatment of injuries resulting from accidents, he was again sent to Germany to obtain an advanced certificate in the field of emergency and accident surgery. In the meantime, he worked at the Department of Neurology at Jonesburg Hospital.
In 1977 he returned once more to Dubai where he established the first department of trauma surgery, which he ran using the most up-to-date techniques. For the first time orthopedics and joint replacement technologies were introduced by him. In the meantime he worked at the Department of Brain and Neuro Surgery.
Dr. Al Redha also contributed to the organization of training coins, for doctors and technicians so much so that his department became one of the most important at the hospital as the rate of road accidents in the country, as well as the rate of other critical cases were very high. One of the most remarkable achievements was a successful and unprecedented operation undertaken in 1996 to restore an amputated hand to the body of the patient.
In 1994 Dr. Al Redha was promoted to the position of head of the Surgery Departments of the hospitals of the Department of Health and Medical services in Dubai. Dr. Al Redha is also member of a number of local Arab and International medical societies. He is the chairman of the Injury Section of the Emirates Medical Association, and chairman of the Arab association of Orthopedics Surgeons. Moreover, he represents the UAE at the American Academy of Orthopedics surgery, and chairs the Swiss World Association of Orthopedics Surgery.
His is, therefore, having a long journey of learning accompanied with many technical and other hardships and resulting in saving tens of lives who were victims of varied and serious accidents.
For the above remarkable achievements contribute Dr. Hussain Al Redha a true winner of the Hamdan Award for honouring individuals working in the field of medicine and health for the year 2003-2004.


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