Urology & Nephrology Centre, Mansoura University, Egypt

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Hamdan Award for the Best Medical College/Institute or Centre in the Arab World
In the heart of ancient Egyptian Civilization, the profession of medi cine always occupied a legendary position. Healers, as superpow ers and sources of inspiration, were credited with wisdom and art.
In modern Egypt, the profession of medical care started to recover after a period of weakness and fragility. With the turn of the 19th century, Mohammed All, the founder of Modern Egypt, sponsored the establishment of Kasr Al Ainy, (University of Cairo Medical School) the first formal Medical School in modern Egypt. For over a century, Cairo, the home of Kasr Al Ainy, was regarded as the City of Medicine. In mid 80's, an event changed this time-honored rule. A hospital, specialized in the treatment of urological disease, was founded in a small town north to Cairo- Mansoura.
Dr. Mohammed A. Ghoneim, the founder of the Center, chose Mansoura as a site for this project since it is located in the Centre of the Delta region, where most of the population work as farmers and a high risk of infestation with Bilharzia is expected. Furthermore, a Faculty of Medicine and a University Hospital are available in the same city for any required support.
The Urology and Nephrology Centre was officially opened by the President Mohamed Hos ney Mubarak in May, 1983. Its main objective was to provide comprehensive management of disorders of the urinary system: from the surgical aspect (Urology) and /or from the medical aspect (Nephrology).
When the centre started, it had 4 Urology wards and 2 Nephrology wards. In addition it had 1 2 haemodialysis and 8 intensive care beds. With many expansions over the years, the hos pital now has 246 beds and hosts all facilities for radiological and laboratory investigations, out-patients departments, research as well as education. At the moment there are more than 1 10 physicians working full time in the centre with more than 399 nurses, 300 ancillary staff and high number of administrative support.
More than 3500 radical Cystectomies, over 4000 urinary diversions, 4000 TURBTS and more than 1800 kidney transplants were performed in the center. In 2005, nearly 100,000 patients were seen in the outpatient departments with around 8000 admissions for inpatient treatment.
The centre has an excellent track record in academic activity with research in all aspects of Nephrology and Urology. Over the years more than 131 masters degrees have been award 
ed and 82 MD degrees granted with more than 433 research papers published in the most prestigious and international journals in the field. The Centre has already won many Prizes and Awards nationally, regionally and internationally.
The Urology and Nephrology Centre is a centre of excellence and has succeeded in providing urology and nephrology services of International standards nationally, regionally and interna tionally. This makes the centre one of the top similar establishments in the world. The volume of work, research and academic output is amazingly high which reflects the dedication and diligence of its staff.
The research and publication records are superb. Over the years, it has made remarkable contribution to training of doctors and knowledge in the field of Urology and Nephrology in the region and beyond.
For its marked role in medical services, and its contributions to the welfare of Egyptian and Arab Society, Urology and Nephrology Centre of the Mansoura University, Egypt, deserves the Hamdan Award for Medical Colleges/ Institutions or Centres in the Arab World for 2005-2006.
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