Prof. Sehamuddin Galadari & Team

UAE Awards

Hamdan Award for Original Research Paper Published in Hamdan Medical Journal

Professor Sehamuddin Galadari& his team
Siraj Pallichankandy, Anees Rahman, Faisal Thayyullathil
Cell Signalling Laboratory, Department of Biochemistry
College of Medicine and Health Sciences
United Arab Emirates University
United Arab Emirate.

Malignant glioma is the most common primary tumor of the central nervous system and the most lethal among all cancers. The current standard treatments for the management of malignant Gliomas include surgical resection, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Gliomas are known to be resistant to therapies that induce apoptosis but some evidences indicate that glioblastoma cells may be less resistant to therapies that induce autophagy. In fact the autophagic cell death pathway is being explored and is a promising avenue for further therapeutic development.
The FTY720, a novel sphingosine analogue,  is an immunosuppressant and is the first US- FDA approved oral drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. In addition to the immunosuppression effect, FTY720 has also been shown to induce apoptotic cell death in a wide variety of cancers and autophagic cell death in ovarian cancer.
This study investigates the antitumor potential of FTY720 and it discloses the molecular mechanism of its cytotoxic effects on malignant glioma cells


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