Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Obaidullah

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
Mr. Obaidullah belongs to the early generation of the United Arab Emirates. The tough conditions and the harshness of time shaped him into one of the leading and self-made personalities of the country. He was born in 1935 in the Emirate of Ras AI Khaimah. He lived his early years in the suburbs of the Emirate of Dubci. where he received his studies and later became a young merchant.
Mr. Obaidullah has many contributions in charitable activities including the construction of mosques and other community services in many of the Emirates. He is also a founding member and secretary of the Society of Bayt AI Khair in Dubai, which aims at serving the community and the needy in the UAE. His charitable activities expanded to cover also the medical sector, where he achieved major projects including the establishment of AI Nakheel Medical Center in AI Nakheel district in the Emirate of Ras AI Khaimah in 1996. Facilities of the center include 12 rooms for short stay cases and other technical support services. Soon after the completion of this project, Mr. Obaydullah realized that the needs of the area require more efforts to be exerted. Subsequently, he constructed a new hospital in 1997 in memory of his father the late Ibrahim Bin Hamad Obaydullah.
The hospital is designed to meet all the medical and architectural standards.
The two-storey building includes outpatient clinics, emergency department, and supportive services in the first floor. The second floor includes 128 rooms with and intensive care unit, and departments of nephrology and dialysis services, cardiology, and endoscopy. The hospital also includes a training facility.
Mr. Obaidullah's projects developed further to include the construction of a new hospital aimed at serving the elderly population. The two-storey hospital includes facilities for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and 16 beds for dialysis and all supportive services, whereas the second floor includes 20 double rooms.
Mr. Obaidullah also has plans to construct new medical facilities including a maternity hospital. When all these projects are complete, they will form a fully integrated medical complex that will serve the population of the Emirate of Ras AI Khaimah and will definitely be a valuable addition to the medical sector in the United Arab Emirates. 
In recognition of his numerous contributions, and his services for his country and the community, Mohammad Ibrahim Obaidullah deserves the Hamdan award for honouring individuals working in the field of medicine and health for the term 2007-2008. 
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