Dr. Sadiqa Al-Awadi

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Dr. Sadiqa AI-Awadi is the Director of the Genetics Centre, Sabah Hospital in Kuwait. She completed her MBBCH and DCH from Ain Shams University in Egypt, and her MD from Dublin, Ireland. She has served in various positions in several hospitals in Egypt and Kuwait in her professional life. In 1979, she established the Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre and to the present day, serves as its Head. 
She has also established an In Vitro Fertilization Centre in Kuwait. In addition, Dr. AI-Awadi has served as a member on several notional committees, including the Advisory Committee of an Arabic Medical Educational Programme, and the Advisory Committee on Medical Research in Kuwait.
She is a Fellow of several national and international scientific societies, including the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Clinical Genetics Society. Since 1979 till 1993, Dr. AI-Awadi has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles which were published in several regional and international medical science journals. 
Dr. AI-Awadi has been inexplicably involved with several social events in Kuwait, particularly those activities related to emancipation of women; discourses to educate women on health matters including child care, especially of children with Down syndrome.
participation in activities of the society for handicapped; and active participation in the field of environment through the Kuwait Environment Protection Society.
In addition, being the wife of Dr. Abdul Rahman AI-Awadi. former Minister of Health, Planning, and Cabinet Affairs for the State of Kuwait for almost two decodes, she has also been deeply involved with social and official engagements of the wives of foreign dignitaries. In view of the above contributions for the medical developments in the Arab region, 
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