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Lalla Salma Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers

Arab World Awards

Hamdan Award for the Best Medical College/Institute or Centre in the Arab World

Personal Details/ Academic Background:

Lalla Salma Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers was founded in 2005, by the inspiration and leadership of Princess Lalla Salma, wife of King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

This non-profit Foundation works with the national health system to implement a national model to improve the care provided to patients with cancer. It also aims at promoting the prevention of cancer and raising awareness about it throughout Morocco. Moreover, the Foundation works to develop a comprehensive network of hospitals and centres that provide free treatment for cancer patients who cannot afford it. A wide network of doctors, researchers and economists are at the core of Lalla Salma Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers, also WHO, UN Population Fund, King Hussein Cancer Center, NCI and other notable institutions in addition to numerous Moroccan and foreign VIPs are involved with it.

The Foundation promotes applying the best clinical practices in the context of cancer treatment. Furthermore, it made a solid commitment to support scientific research by encouraging local and international research partnerships as well as multi-disciplinary approaches to tackle the “cancer problem”.

Actions and achievements:

Every year more than 35000 Moroccans are diagnosed with cancer and this Foundation works hard to reduce the number of cancer sufferers and provide better treatment and quality of life to those affected by cancer. The Foundation started to develop an interventional strategy to overcome the challenges caused by cancer. This comprehensive strategy is focused on prevention, early diagnosis and management of cancer. The following achievements give an idea about the massive role played by Lalla Salma Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers.  

  • The Foundation supported the establishment of the first Cancer Register of the Region of Grand Casablanca (RCRC) on the basis of epidemiological data from 2004.
  • The Foundation implemented the “Access to medicines for low-income patients” (ACCES) program to supply needy patients who lack medical insurance (or social support) a complete and free access to chemotherapy.
  • The Foundation celebrates yearly the national day for cancer, whereby it raises awareness to help cancer prevention. Additionally, the foundation supports campaigns for fighting tobacco and smoking cessation. Furthermore, it implemented the program "orphans of cancer" to help families and children affected by cancer.
  • On the national day for Cancer in 2013, H.H. Princess Lalla Salma launched the construction of the Institute for Research on Cancer at University Hospital of Fez. This new institute is intended to be an academic centre of excellence where skills and expertise are gathered to serve cancer research.
  • In 2013, along the way of promoting cancer research, the Foundation invited applicants to propose research projects in pediatric cancer and hematology. These projects were evaluated by specialized scientific committees and 11 out of 50 research projects were selected to receive support.
  • In 2014, the Foundation launched a socioaesthetic program to provide skin treatment for cancer patients; nearly 200 patients were at the receiving end. Additionally, the Foundation introduced the "house of life" project, which offered respectable accommodation for patients and their families. This project provides affected individuals and their families temporary shelter to reduce treatment dropout rates. Importantly, each “house” offers between 6000-12000 overnight stays for patients and their families.
  • The Lalla Salma Foundation has set up the African School of Oncology (EAO). A virtual school that brings together all stakeholders in the fight against cancer in Morocco with the objective of organizing continuous training.
  • The Lalla Salma Foundation is also a member of the International Union against Cancer (UICC) since 2006. Initiated by the Lalla Salma Foundation, the Alliance of NGOs in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean in the fight against cancer (EMRA against Cancer) was created in 2007, with the support of WHO.

In fact, the Foundation boasts a long list of partner institutions in Europe and USA, such as:

  • Harvard University (US).
  • University Hospital Vaudois Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • Imperial College London (UK).
  • Institute Gustave Roussy (France).
  • University Hospital of Geneva (Switzerland).
  • Center Léon Bérard in Lyon (France).
  • ISPED Bordeaux (France).
  • IARC in Lyon (France).
  • EFEC of Paris (France).

In recognition of its outstanding contributions, Lalla Salma Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers is awarded the HAMDAN AWARD FOR MEDICAL COLLEGE/INSTITUTE OR CENTRE IN THE ARAB WORLD for the Term 2015-2016.