Mohammed Amin Ahmad Badri

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Hamdan Award for Honouring Individuals Working in the Field of Medicine & Health
Personal Details/Academic Background
Dr. Mohammed Amin Ahmad Badri, UAE national, born on 17th October 1943 in the emirate of Dubai, is a legendary figure in the UAE, having served thousands of people through his dedicated and exemplary work in the health care domain.
His primary and secondary education as well as his Bachelor’s degree in Science was obtained in Mumbai and Pune in India. Later, in the year 1969, he completed his M.D from Shiraz University, Iran. 
He got the opportunity to pursue his studies through the scholarship that was granted to him by the government of Dubai. In addition to it, in the year 1974 he completed a course of 4-years in residency programme and after that he took the specialty in the field of internal medicine.
 Professional Milestones
Upon completing his studies in the year 1975, Dr. Badri joined the Iranian Red Crescent Society as its Medical Director. At that time the Society was known as the Iranian Hospital in Dubai until 1980. 
In the same year, he got the opportunity to join the Rashid Hospital as a Senior Registrar in the Infectious Diseases Unit. While working at Rashid Hospital, he received many appreciations and was promoted with bigger job responsibilities. 
He was promoted and continued to work as a Consultant Physician and Head of the Infectious Diseases Unit in Rashid Hospital. He continued to give his service until the year of his retirement in 2007.
This period of Dr. Badri’s career was remarkable for his great dedication and extreme professionalism. He was very active in continuous professional development activities, teaching of medical students and training of junior physicians. 
His position required him to interact with healthcare workers of all categories and administrative staff which he was able to manage effectively. 
Thanks to his invaluable guidance and unlimited support, several members of the infectious diseases team attained their fellowships and other higher medical degrees. Dr. Badri was one of the Founding Members of the Emirates Medical Association in UAE.
Under his leadership, the Infectious Diseases Unit attained a great reputation as a regional reference for the management of infectious diseases, in particular, with regard to the unique medical challenges of the region, being a high traffic area for laborers and visitors from all over the globe.
He actively participated in research activities with his team members achieving a significant number of publications in local and international journals, particularly in the field of malaria, typhoid, viral hepatitis, meningitis, tetanus, chickenpox, and other infectious diseases. 
Dr. Badri has always put immense emphasis on patients’ welfare, and developed uniformly excellent relationshipswith all his colleagues. He is highly regarded by his peers and faculty staff.
Dr. Badri has been honored with several awards and recognitions for his commitment and dedication towards the  medical services in the organizations that he worked for.


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