Sheikh Hamdan's role in the Government of Dubai commenced in the early 1960s, when he was the Head of the Dubai Labour Department. Later, he became the Chairman of the Dubai Municipality and also the Minister of Finance, Today, Sheikh Hamdan also chairs a multitude of prestigious organizations that play vital roles in boosting the economy of Dubai and the UAE and creating valuable business and employment opportunities for UAE nationals. From his visionary approach for developing and enhancing Dubai's economy to his knowledge and passion for breeding the highest pedigree thoroughbreds, from building and expanding Dubai's key infrastructure to compassionate indulgence in charity on an international scale, Sheikh Hamdan's motive has always remained focused on progress and prosperity for Dubai, for UAE and for all humanity.
Sheikh Hamdan's continued support and guidance has been the unwavering foundation for key organizations of the UAE. These organizations play vital roles in the thriving economy of modern UAE and are committed to the development of the local economy and to building and enhancing UAE and Dubai's positions in the international marketplace. The prestigious organizations chaired by Sheikh Hamdan include Dubai Municipality, Department of Health and Medical Services, Dubai Aluminium Company Limited, Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited, Dubai World Trade Centre, Emirates National Oil Company, Emirates Petroleum Products Company, Oilfields Supply Centre Limited (OSC) Department of Information.