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MEIDAM (2019) recommends the establishment of training centers for junior doctors in the Arab world 22 September 2019
22 September 2019:The 4th Middle East International Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Conference and Exhibition (MEIDAM) concluded its activities yesterday with a number of recommendations including the need to establish training centers across the Arab world to train and hone the skills of junior doctors taking into account the upgrading of these centers and focus on scientific fundamentals and the inclusiveness and diversity Methods of objective and written questions for students' tests and ensuring the integrity and transparency of these tests in scientific committees carefully selected in coordination with the Arab Board of Health Specializations as the primary reference for all Arab organizations and associations.
The Presidents of Dermatology Society also called for the need to raise the level of support for all training centers by the official associations of the Member States to unify the integration system of specialized doctors in the Arab world to develop them academically and administratively and to promote them to develop the certificates granted by the Arab centers of excellence at an international academic level. Medical as a prerequisite for practicing the profession.
The participants also praised the MEIDAM conference this year to support the health management represented by the MEIDAM Business Affiliation (MBA Program) Mr. Mahran Ashour, Health Care Consultant Management, stressed that the MBA certificate is the current global orientation for the development of the health sector and all its affiliates, doctors, students and investors. Keeping up with the vision of the UAE and His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to develop the health sector in the UAE.
The lecturers and the heads of local, regional and international associations recommended that the conference become an international event held annually in Dubai, especially after the great success achieved by the conference in attracting regional and international official associations and the most famous international dermatologists and cosmetologists, who influenced the conference with their discussions and contributions, which had a profound impact on all pathologists. Dermatology and dermatology students in all Arab countries and the Middle East.
During the conference, in cooperation with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR, Al Maktoum Foundation for Charity and Humanitarian Affairs, the `Giving Initiative’' was announced to coincide with the Year of Tolerance of the UAE, through which it will cooperate to activate the role of doctors in the region by contributing the necessary treatments to the concerned authorities.


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