Hamdan Medical Award welcomes grant funding applications for scientific projects 13 October 2015
Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences invites applications for funding scientific medical projects from the United Arab Emirates, for its 9th term 2015-2016. 
Mr. Abdullah bin Souqat, the Executive Director of the Hamdan Medical Award, said that the projects to be submitted should focus on Translational Research – from bench to bedside, Nutrition – Role of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases, and Overweight & Obesity: Recent advances in treatment & prevention.
“The selection of these topics reflects an important aspect in the award’s strategy which aims at transferring the results of the studies from laboratories to the practice and using the findings for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Additionally, the award aims at strengthening the preventive aspects of the chronic non-communicable diseases such as Diabetes, Cancers, and Heart Disease, on the professionals and individuals levels”, he said.
“The on-line submission for the applications and the required documents facilitate the procedures for both the researchers and the projects’ reviewers”, He added.
 “In this regard, the award is to launch a marketing campaign in the main academic institutions, and research and treatment centers all over the Emirates, in order to enable us to collect the largest possible number of applications”, Abdullah Bin Souqat said.
This came after the meeting attended by Prof. Sehamuddin Galadari, the Chairman of the award’s Medical Research Grant Committee (MRG Committee), and its members including Prof. Salah Gariballa, Prof. Ernest Adeghate and Prof. Christopher Frank Howarth, at the headquarter of the Hamdan Medical Award.
Prof. Sehamuddin Galadari, the Chairman of the Medical Research Grant Committee said: “The submitted projects will be reviewed by two panels of local and international reviewers, and the importance of each project and the potentials of its success will be considered in the light of its scientific values and the need for them in the UAE health institutions”.
“In alignment with the developments in the research arena within the UAE and the requirements of the health sector in all medical specialties, we are working on issuing proposals to improve the system of the award’s research support center in the light of its outcomes during the previous eight terms”, he said.
“Since the establishment of the Award until now, more than 16 years, the research support center has contributed in supporting the scientific research focus in the UAE out of the award’s belief in the importance of the scientific research as a main pillar for the development process in the UAE and its journey towards the future”, Prof. Sehamuddin Galadari added.
Applications are requested to apply through the online applications system at http://hmaward.org.ae/mrg/ , the deadline to submit the applications will be till the Thursday 14th of January 2016.


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