In cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency: Hamdan Medical Award supports the national project to establish the diagnostic reference levels 19 April 2015
Supported by the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, and in collaboration with Al Mafraq Hospital and the Dubai Health Authority, the International Atomic Energy Agency organized the UAE National Project on the establishment of the diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs) in the UAE Hospitals with the participation of about 35 specialists.
The program, which is held from 19 until April 20, aims to study the DRLs levels within the UAE and to introduce the nation regulations requirement for them.
The inauguration of the day 1 of the program, which is held at Al Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi, was attended by Mr. Abdullah Bin Souqat, the Executive Director of the Hamdan Medical Award, and Dr. Shereen Hamada, the Senior Scientific Coordinator of the award, with the participation of Dr. Jamila Al Suwaidi, Consultant, Radiation in Medicine Developments and Director of Medical Radiation Projects with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Dr. Anthony Wallace, from the Australian radiation protection and nuclear safety Agency and an expert from the International Atomic Energy Agency.
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