7TH Emirates Critical Care conference has closed its sessions in Dubai 24 April 2011
Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance, the President of Dubai Health Authority and the patron of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences, 7th Emirates Intensive Care Conference concluded yesterday (Saturday).
The conference was held in conjunction with the 3rd Asia Africa Conference of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive Care and Critical Care Medicine and the 7th International Pan Arab Critical Care Medicine society Congress at the Convention Center in Intercontinental Hotel - Dubai Festival City. 
Among the results of the conference, which is held under the slogan "intensive care without borders", is electing the United Arab Emirates to host the first International Conference of the world federation of neurological critical care and brain injuries in 2012. 
Also, the Emirates Critical Care Society and the International Pan Arab critical care medicine Society managed to receive the initial approval from the European critical Care society concerning holding the first part of the European Society’s examinations during the next three years twice a year to be the first time in the United Arab Emirates and the second time in a European country.
It is worth of mention that it is the first time that these examinations are held outside the European continent. 
Before the examinations a training program will be held, led by two doctors from the Emirates Critical Care society and two doctors form the European critical care Society preparing soctors for the exam. 
During the three coming years, needs of Critical Care departments in the Middle East, Asia and Africa will be assessed as well as preparing Emirates Critical Care Society and International Pan Arab Critical Care Society to assess the critical care units in the region in order to unify treatment in critical care departments through holding conferences, workshops, and training courses for doctors. These preparations will prepare for holding the second part of the European Society exam in UAE. 
Dr. Hussain Nasser Al Rahma, President of the 7th Emirates Critical Care Conference, praised these achievements which are the results of fruitful cooperation over the past five years, among Emirates Critical Care Society, International Pan Arab Critical Care Society and European Critical Care Society.
“European Critical Care Society is confident of United Arab Emirates’ concern of continuing medical education and providing critical care departments in hospitals with the best doctors and the latest equipments”, he added. 
Dr. Hussein Al Rahma added that the Emirates Critical Care Conference has been classified by the World Federation of Critical Care Societies as the first conference in Asia and Africa and the fourth conference in the world. 
Dr. Al-Rahma added that all these achievements enhance the opportunity of UAE to win hosting the World Conference of the World Federation of Critical Care Societies in 2017. 
Dr Hussein Al Rahma referred to that  the recommendations of the Conference were adopted by World Federation of Critical Care Societies, European critical Care society, American Critical Care society, international pan Arab Critical Care society, and Emirates critical care society.
 The recommendations include formatting a unified body consists of all these societies to work on standardization of treatment in Departments of Intensive Care in Asia and Africa through organizing conferences and holding workshops and training courses for concerned doctors. 
The conference also recommends holding the Emirates Critical Care Conference annually in April, and holding the second version of the conference annually in Asian or African in October or November. 
The closing ceremony was held yesterday during which all those who participated in supporting the conference were honored, headed by Dubai Health Authority and Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences. 
The World Federation of Critical Care Societies also announced the names of the winners of its awards.
The first award for the best research submitted by doctors "Ibn Sina award" is for Dr. Taghreed Al Najjar- King Hussein Hospital for Cancer Research – Jordan, for research paper entitled adverse event in ICU. 
As for the second award "Al-Razi award", is for Dr Adel El-Sisi – faculty of medicine - Cairo University for research paper titled DNA level in plasma for patients with pressure drop in cases of blood poisoning. 
As for the third award "Ibn Al-Nafis Award ", is for Dr. Osama Al-Muslim and Dr. Khalid Shukri Secretary-General of the International Pan Arab Critical Care Medicine society for research paper entitled the benefits of a multidisciplinary team in intensive care units. 
As for the awards for non-medical staff working in the health sector, the "Islamic Rufidah award" for the best research submitted by Arab nursing staff, is to Sunil Nayyar - Dubai Welcare Hospital for a research paper entitled ventilation associated pneumonia.
As for "Zahrawi Award" for the best medical research submitted by students is for Kawthar Baqtada and Najla shukri – Saudi Arabia for a research entitled contamination of mouth in physicians of ICU.
As for “Ibn Al Telmeez Award", for the best research in health care management , is to Jita Suraj - South Africa for a research entitled Laughing Yoga for patients with blood clots. 
Dr Hussain Nasser Al Rahma said that the results of the winning research papers will be published in the medical journal of the World Federation of Critical Care Societies. 
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