• Medical Research Grant
  • Medical Research Grant
How to Apply

Instruction for completing the application form

  1. Register for a new account
    1. Create new account.
    2. Activate your account using the verification email which will be sent to your E-Mail.
    3. Once verified, log in using the email ID and password.
    4. You will be redirected to the application form.
    5. Note that your filled in application will be saved automatically once you click "Next" at the end of each step, you can continue from where you left by logging in later using the same account details. 

  2. Project title
    The title should be concise and self explanatory.
  3. The Principal Investigator
    The Principal Investigator (PI) should provide information regarding his/her name (Last, middle and first) and academic research title or professional title in a UAE institution. Contact details including, name of institution, department, telephone (office and mobile) and e-mail address should also be provided.
    The Principal Investigator should also choose one of the co-investigators as Co-Principal Investigator to represent the PI in the event that the PI is not available.
  4. The Co-Investigator(s)
    The Co-Investigator(s) should provide his/her name (Last, middle and first) and academic research title in a UAE institution. Contact details including, name of institution, department, telephone (office and mobile) and e-mail address should also be provided. The Co-PI may continue with the project in the event that the PI is not available. Only one of the Co-Investigators is to be nominated as Co-PI.
  5. Departmental Chairman/Institutional Director.
    A letter signed by the department chair and by the head of the institution should be uploaded.
  6. Ethics
    Submission of application to the relevant Institutional Human/Animal Ethics Committee is required prior to grant evaluation. Please note that the grant application will not be approved unless approval from the local Ethics Committee is obtained.
  7. Total Budget
    The total amount (in Dhs.) requested should be given. Please note that the maximum amount that can be applied for is 200,000 Dhs. Applications with budgets that exceed this amount will be rejected.
  8. Key personnel engaged in the project
    All key personnel including co-investigators, staff and technicians involved in this project should be included.  Student participation is strongly encouraged. The roles of key personnel and their significance should be provided. Indicate time and role of any visiting expert. 
  9. Structured Abstract
    Summarize the study in a structured format as follows:  Background, Aims, Study design and Significance. The maximum number of words allowed is 250.
  10. Introduction: Background and Relevance
    Investigators should describe the background of the study, overall objectives and specific aims.  The relevance of the proposed work to the UAE community should also be stated. Relevant references should be cited numerically in the text,
  11. Aims & Objectives
    The aims and objectives of the study should be given.
  12. Methods and Plan of investigation
    Describe the methods to be used, the experimental study, patients, population, interventions and data analysis, comment on their adequacy and expected problems. 
  13. List of References
    The list of the most important references should be given in the Vancouver style.
  14. Budget
    Itemize your budget into the following categories: consumables, chemical and drugs, and research assistant. Please specify any additional requirement.
  15. Justification for each category of budgetary item
    Please justify your submission for each of the selected budget category including: Consumables, Chemical and Drugs, Research Assistant and any additional requirement excluding Equipment.
  16. Existing available resources pertinent to the project
    List all existing research resources at your disposal including: (A): Institutional Resources: Laboratory, clinical, animal, computer, office, others if and when applicable (B): Key equipment engaged in the project, (C): Key locations engaged in the project. The investigators must obtain permission from the head of the institution(s) where these equipment and facilities are located (D).
  17. Other sources of funding
    Give a list of all current sources of support including internal as well as external sources. In addition to this, please provide the titles and abstract of all ongoing research grants and those that you have submitted.
  18. Curriculum vitae
    The Principal and Co-Investigators and other key personnel should complete this section (name, degrees and awarding institution(s), positions held, previous research experience, role in the project and personal publication(s) relevant to the application)
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