Grand Hamdan International Award

The Grand Hamdan International Award honors quality and dedication to the alleviation of the sufferings of humanity through research and exemplary service.

The selection of the winner in this category depends on a breakthrough in his research portfolio that impacts healthcare delivery; development of novel surgical devices, techniques, and new therapies that improve the mortality and morbidity rates related to a particular disease.

Universities, research centers, institutions, and individual scientists are encouraged to submit a nomination for this award.

The prize amount is AED Two hundred fifty thousand (AED 250.000) (US$68.000).

Rules and Regulations:

  • One or more individuals who worked together to produce the nominated work can apply for the Award.
  • A review article(not exceeding 5000 words) shall be published in the Hamdan Medical Journal (un-awarded work will also be published)
  • The winner shall deliver a lecture on the topic at the "Dubai International Conference for Medical Sciences" scheduled to be held in parallel to the ceremony and shall submit an abstract of his/her lecture and also a print version of the lecture not more than 1500 words, which will be included in the Proceedings of the Conference.
  • Nomination papers/work submitted to the Executive Office shall not be returned, whether or not the nominee wins the Award.
  • The Executive office the Award reserves the right to grant the award to more than one person in the appropriate category and also reserves the right to change or alter any conditions without stating any reasons.
  • The nomination will not be accepted if it does not meet all the above conditions.
  • The nomination file must contain the following:
    1. Nominee name
    2. Nominating body
    3. Nomination letter: A letter of nomination from the Nominating body supporting the nomination.
    4. Nominated work: Description of the nominee’s work; highlight aspects of the work that indicate its relevance to the award objectives. Submitted work must be original
    5. Justification: Evidence showing that the nominee’s work is scientifically outstanding, original and has had substantially benefited humanity. Include all supporting evidence such as copies of peer reviews, external reports, other relevant publications and citations.
    6. Awards & recognitions if any: Previous awards, honors, received by the nominee/ nominated work (Please state the name, nature, source, and date of each.
    7. Article : A review article on the nominated work (not exceeding 5000 words). A letter transferring copyright to the Hamdan Medical Journal and signed by all authors should accompany the article.
    8. Curriculum Vitae: Details of the nominee's academic background, experience and previous positions, and listing all published work.
    9. Color photographs of the nominee
    10. A write up on the nominee and his work: Profile of the nominee should not exceeding 1500 words.
  • The winner's name(s) shall be announced in a press conference to be held in Dubai and the Award will be presented in an official ceremony also to be held in Dubai
  • The winner shall be provided with a return business class air ticket, accommodation and visa (if required) to attend the Award Presentation Ceremony and Conference.
  • The Award shall consist of:
    • A trophy with the winner's name.
    • A certificate in the winner's name.